Shipping delays

POSTED: 24/08/2021

Shipping update from one of our brand partners.  This affects parts and vehicles from across the globe, and although we in the UK are getting back to some level of normal, please be aware that not everywhere else is.  With a huge amount of goods provided from outside the UK, there is still a significant impact on orders and not just due to Covid.

"We have seen substantial disruption with ports in China, they have been closed on and off since June due to a zero-tolerance Covid 19 policy.

It was noted that as of 20th August there were more than 50 container vessels queuing at Ningbo, Chinas' 2nd largest port.  Singapore has also been impacted by Typhoons and Covid affecting their ability to load and unload vessels, at the end of July it was reported that there were 328 ships idling in front of ports around the world with 116 ports reporting challenges, such as congestion"

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